Who we are

UNIZIK Business School, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, is a newly established school with a vision of breaking new grounds in Business and leadership training, and, becoming a management centre of excellence. Its vision is to galvanize the plethora of businesses and leadership talents that abound in emerging economies such as ours, properly re-orient and galvanize them towards assuming respectable global position, while contributing to the improvement of local business environment.

Globally, as well as locally, the socio-political environment of business is becoming more intriguing and complex as businesses continue to face diverse problems that require Business Schools with the right mind-set, knowledgeable faculty, to act in unusual ways, as they deploy new theoretical models, strategies and best practices to transform these businesses and give them sustainable lease of life. Today, Nigeria, over the years has been steeped in economic and socio-political crises, including but not limited to, the problems of decreasing productivity, collapsing companies and businesses, poor liquidity ratio and declining value of the national currency, hyperinflation, growing unemployment, scarcity of essential food items, widening poverty in the land as more than 65 percent live below the poverty line. All of these seemingly complex problems which are situated in the business, economic and sociocultural landscapes require multi-disciplinary interrogation. Indeed proffering solutions to these problems may demand the jettisoning of existing paradigms and the evolution of new insights about how to effectively organise, and motivate people, how to build sustainable businesses, and how to be entrepreneurial.