Dr. Clement Nwogbo

Dr. Clement Nwogbo is a Nigerian businessman and philanthropist. His businesses span across telecommunication, power infrastructure deployment and maintenance, civil construction, facilities management and human resource development, consulting and placement.

He has a passion for education and technological advancement, shown by his CSR projects, which include the M-PI Graduate Trainee Programme and the professorial chair sponsorship in the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

An MBA graduate with over 22 years experience in international finance and business development in West Africa, Nwogbo is formerly Executive Director of ABNL, an indigenous petroleum service company and a pioneer Chief Operating Officer of Interkel Networks, also a foremost indigenous telecoms infrastructure company in Nigeria.

Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of MP Infrastructure Group and Mast Projects Nigeria/Ghana, and Chairman of Aster Infrastructure Limited (a joint venture with ASTER India currently handling several transmission line projects for the government of Nigeria). He is actively involved in several community-based initiatives to provide conducive learning environment for the less-privileged young persons in Anambra State, Nigeria.

Founded in 2008, M-P Infrastructure Limited is one of Africa’s leading telcommunications infrastructure companies. Its services cut across different telecom infrastructure solutions, including, turnkey site build services, supply, installation and commissioning of network infrastructure equipment, hybrid energy power solutions, fibre deployment and maintenance of telecommunication networks.

The company has grown over the years to become one of Africa’s fastest growing infrastructure providers, with expertise in telecommunication, technology, power, energy and transportation.

Outside its Nigerian operations, M-P Infrastructure currently has its businesses running across Anglophone and Francophone African countries, including Ghana, South Africa, Zambia, Rwanda, Cameroon, Cote d’ Ivore, Dubai and Asia. With a staff strength of approximately 1, 000 and counting in her Nigerian operations alone and over 300 staff in her various operations outside Nigeria, the company has not stopped expanding in its core areas of expertise.

Nwogbo also sits on the board of several other companies that operate in the energy and technology and the agricultural space. Some of these companies are: Peso Energy Services, Aster Infrastructure Services, Enhanced Power Ltd., M-P technical Services Ltd., Resource Plus Ltd. and Lynden Farms Ltd.

Since its inception, MPI’s clients and bankers have recognised it as exceptional and this is evident from the awards it has won across the continent. Some of those achievements include: ISO 9001:2008 Nigeria; ISO9001: 2008, Cote D’Ivoire; OHSAS 18001, Ghana; IHS Long Partner award, Nigeria; Huawei Strategic Partner award, West Africa; Huawei Strategic Partner award (awarded to mast projects), Nigeria; Cameroon Best Telecommunication Infrastructure Service Provider and Fidelity Bank Best Corporate Customer award.

Nwogbo’s love for innovation and charting new course in area of business, where the average businessman will ordinarily ignore, leaves him with so much passion for charity. Some of the charities he has founded and still sponsoring include:

  1. Hope Alive Charity:
    This carters for young undergraduates that are not able to pay their way through school during their undergraduate studies. The charity aims to ensure that these categories of people complete their university degrees by paying their fees through the university.
  2. Children Resource Charity:
    Children Resource adopts children from very poor and impoverished social background and ensures they get education. The charity does this by paying their fees, providing school supplies while living with their parents. The adoption ensures that the child’s every educational needs are met while living with their parents.
  3. Tabitha’s Wheel Charity:
    This was borne out of the need to reach out to widows without a means of livelihood with young children to cater for. Tabitha’s Wheel provides soft skills training for this category of women, set up business and hand hold these women for the few months or years of these business and help some of them get paid jobs with the newly acquired skills.

    Nwogbo’s sponsored M-PI Graduate Trainee Programme is targeted at young Nigerian engineering graduates. The programme exposes them to practical engineering training, in line with modern telecommunication technology.

    The graduates are put on an eight weeks intensive training by the OEM themselves. During this period, they get to see, use and dissect the equipment, applying engineering principles. Every year, the company gets a minimum of 5, 000 applications nationwide and from the Diaspora for its graduate trainee programme. Only the best are selected.

    As at today, the company has given employment to over 200 graduates from this programme, within a space of two years.